Specimen Submission

For California patients only:

Stool or enema specimens from California inpatients or outpatients with suspected IB may be submitted directly to the IBTPP laboratory. Physicians seeking testing for their patients should first call the IBTPP on-call physician at (510) 231-7600 prior to specimen submission to provide case information and review indications for testing. Testing will not be initiated without prior clinical consultation with the IBTPP on-call physician. For all other states, please contact your local public health agency for specimen submission instructions.
  1. Keep the specimen refrigerated at all times. Do not freeze.
  2. Tightly seal cap on collection container. Package the primary container of stool or enema in a secondary, leak-proof container; e.g., a zip-top specimen bag.
  3. Place the Infant Botulism Diagnostic Testing Specimen Submission Form in a separate bag pouch or second bag. Click here to access the CA Specimen Submission Form (PDF-fillable form).
  4. Follow IATA regulations and package the specimen in a styrofoam box with one or more cold-packs. Do not use dry-ice. Label box with a UN 3373, "Biological Substance Category B" label.
  5. Send specimens directly to the California Department of Public Health (California patients only). Do not send through your local county public health laboratory as this will delay testing. See address below.
  6. Do not delay shipping. Expedite specimen shipment or by using a major courier service for "priority overnight" delivery. Packages should be shipped for overnight delivery Monday through Thursday only. The Infant Botulism Laboratory does not accept deliveries on Saturday or Sunday.
Address the package exactly as below:
Infant Botulism Laboratory - IBTPP
California Department of Public Health
Specimen Receiving, Room B106
850 Marina Bay Parkway
Richmond, CA 94804
IMPORTANT: Properly identify and label all packages that contain diagnostic specimens when submitting them to the IBTPP laboratory. Always include the sender's name and submitting institution's name and address. Improperly identified packages may be subject to destruction for bio-security reasons.

Please do not hesitate to contact the lab with any questions.

Infant Botulism Treatment and Prevention Program Laboratory
Phone: (510) 231-7676; Fax: (510) 231-7679