Instructions for Use of BabyBIG®
Read all the instructions before BabyBIG® arrives at your institution. Do not reconstitute BabyBIG® until instructed by physician. Infusion must begin within 2 hours of reconstitution.
- Please note the current dosage is 50 mg/kg -


** Please review and follow all instructions in the FDA-approved package insert **
  1. BabyBIG® should be given as soon after arrival at the pharmacy as can be arranged. Please refer to instructions in the information packet that comes with the medicine. A filter and tubing for administration are sent with the product.

  2. Please plan in advance of its arrival with the patient's ICU/ward team so as to be ready to promptly rehydrate and administer the medicine when it reaches you. This means having a secure IV placed and a syringe infusion pump already at the bedside. Please be sure to follow the instruction regarding syringe size per the filter Instructions For Use provided in the shipment information packet.

  3. Immediately notify the attending physician/patient care team when BabyBIG® arrives. Confirm with them that they are ready to administer the medicine, then begin its rehydration. Infusion must begin within 2 hours of reconstitution.

  4. As soon as rehydration is complete (usually about 30 minutes), deliver the medicine to the patient's bedside for administration.

  5. Residual BabyBIG® should be discarded in compliance with standard precautions according to hospital policy and procedures.